A new tune and some sweet things ahead

Winters are always a bit more relaxed for us when it comes to live dates and new projects, but we’re back in the swing of things and we’ve got a couple great announcements for y’all!

Firstly, for those of you who missed our last showing at Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, you’re in luck! HTP will return to the ‘couve for another hour of classics, new tunes, and whatever else the crowd desires. Catch us on Saturday, March 16th at 8pm.

We’re also excited about a couple other HTP projects in the works, one of which is a work-in-progress, honest-to-goodness classic country ukulele (and accordion) opera! We’re ironing out dates and details now, so keep an eye on our live dates page for the full low-down once we have it worked out.

In the meantime, help yourself to this ad-hoc recording we made last night at practice. It’s a relatively new tune for us: John Prine’s “Christmas in Prison”. The vocal arrangement is borrowed from one of my favorite bluegrass programs, The Watkins Family Hour, and it features Chelsea, Amos, and Vivian on the mic, and Norman on the squeeze box.


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Honky Tonk Podcast!

At one of our recent practices we were graced by the presence of Brock Dittus from The Sprocket Podcast, along with his fine 6-pack of beer.

Brock and Honky Tonk Prison

We tipped back a few of Oregon’s finest frosty adult beverages, we talked about bike touring and our interstate tour, and we played a few songs from the repertoire of country gold hits and Hannukah gelt favorites.

Why not visit the Sprocket Podcast’s fine collection of pixels and give a listen?

(Note – sadly Caroline could not make this practice.  We couldn’t figure out how to Photoshop her into the picture either.)

And watch this space for details on our next live show at Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, WA, as promised on the podcast.


We adoor'd having the Sprocket Podcast over.


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Ain’t no party like a bike shop party.

HTP rocks out at Velo Cult bike shop in Portland, OR for the 2012 Pedalpalooza Preview Party.  Thanks to TonkyDesigns for the vid!

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Thanks for coming to Uke-o de Mayo!

We had a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came out to join the party, and special thanks to Toucan Sam and the Fruit Loops, The Ukeladies, and the Someday Lounge for making it magical!

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Win tickets to Uke-O De Mayo! [updated]

Congratulations to our winner, Phil S!  See you there, Phil (and everyone else)!

We will be giving away a free pair of tickets to our May 5th show at Someday Lounge, Uke-O de Mayo to one lucky Facebook follower at random!

Simply go to our Facebook page here and click the “Like” button to enter.

Be a sport and share it with your friends!

Drawing will take place at noon on Friday, May 4.

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The new poster. The new tour.

So Honky Tonk Prison is about to embark on our bi-state tour.  4 dates, 4 venues, two months, two of the greatest states in the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you’ll come and sit with us a while, hear what we’ve been working on, sing along, drink too much, spill your beer, go home with someone perhaps not the most appropriate choice for you, regret it all later.  Then repeat.

(There are 4 gigs after all.)

The poster. Read, and be forewarned.

Sat, Apr 21 Slim’s, St. Johns

Sun, Apr 22  Waypost

Sat, May 5  Someday Lounge

Sun, May 19  Niche, Vancouver


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Live at Slim’s 1/7/12

Can’t get enough tiny, low-quality, hard-to-hear video of your favorite uke band? Fear not, here’s some more!


We had a great time playing at Slim’s in St. Johns. Thanks to Amanda Mays for the video!

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We oughta be in pictures…

If you are saddened by the fact that Honky Tonk Prison’s live gigs are rare, let us console you with this – a smattering of performances captured on video.

Please note that, in line with our lo-fi way of doing things, none of these was professionally produced. That is, no filthy lucre exchanged hands in order to pawn our product off on an unsuspecting public.

Rather, each of these was hand-crafted as a labor of love, friendship, or just for the hell of it. Enjoy them in that spirit. Or perhaps with spirits.

Sea of Heartbreak, UkeToberfest at the Someday Lounge

6 Days on the Road, Halloween set in front of Beaulahland

To Heck with Old Santa Claus, video Xmas card to Nickey R

(former band mate)

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This is our new website.

And this is where we would blog. My guess is that this place-filler post will just hang out for a while, and at some point we’ll realize that nobody really wants to put the time and energy into keeping up a blog, and we’ll just delete this page. I could be wrong, though.

In the mean-time, check out this sweet album cover.

Con-way too cool.

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  • About Honkytonk Prison

    Honkytonk Prison was formed in 2010 by a bunch of bicycle-riding, good-for-nothin' kids with nothing better to do than sit around a living room drinking beer and reminiscing about things that happened before most of them were even born. Freakin' hipsters.

    HTP sings "Golden Country" hits, mostly from the 60's and 70's. It's the kind of stuff they used to play in smoky steak diners and Elk's Lodges. Some originals are creapin' into the set list as well. We all play ukulele, except Norman, but if you find a ukeaccordion please let us know.

    Active Members: Amos Hunter, Caroline Zavitkovski, Chelsea Kline, Esther Harlow, Timo Forsberg, Norman Buccola, and Vivian Yuan.

    Past/Hiatus members: Ken Southerland, Andrew Kraus, and Nickey Robare.